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Tilev's Background

The art of the musician has a long tradition in the Tilev family.

Georgi Tilev, Vlado’s father, is one of the most renowned Bulgarian violin players.

For more than 20 years he was the first concertmaster of the Niederrheinische Sinfoniker.

For 10 years he was primarius of the String Quartet of the Bulgarian Radio.


Vlado Tilev has graduated from the Folkwang University of the Arts, Essen, Germany, specializing in violoncello, and before that – from the National Music School in Sofia, where he was also accepted as a student in the State Music Academy.

He actively pursues his professional career as a luthier since 1995.

Tilev has studied and practiced the master art as an assistant in the studios of renowned German masters.

The Foundation

Established in 2016, the "Vlado Tilev" foundation has a purpose of inspiring and motivating talented children.

Every year, a contest is held by the foundation where the best-performing young musician gets awarded with a brand new instrument made by Vlado Tilev.


At the 2022 VSA 24th International Convention in Anaheim, Vlado Tilev won a silver medal for viola sound and a certificate (third prize) for violin sound.

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