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Mincho Minchev

“Vlado Tilev is a rare combination of an excellent instrumentalist and a person, perfectly handling the luthier art. I absolutely trust him.”

Professor in Folkwang University of the Arts, Essen

Svetozar Anatchkov

"Vlado Tilev’s violin is an unique instrument with excellent acoustic qualities. Its noble and warm sound opens doors to the highest peaks of the violin art. For me it is a great pleasure and joy to play this instrument which is a very impressive achievement in the luthier craft."

First concertmaster of  the State Theatre at Gärtnerplatz

Kai Gleusteen

"I am a lucky owner of one of Vlado Tilev's violins! With respect to choosing and purchasing a violin, this purchase represented the easiest decision I have ever made. Great-sounding, great-looking, easy to play, perfectly balanced, with an excellent projection."

First concertmaster of  the Great Theatre of the Lyceum, Barcelona

Joanna Kamenarska

"Vlado Tilev's violins have been a real discovery to me. I can completely rely on the instrument I play. It convinces the player and the audience through an excellent sound quality, a wide range of colours, great power, response and resonance. Moreover, his violins are also very attractive visually. The balance of a rich fundamental, warm middle and brilliant highes makes the player feel secure on stage. I guess it is also the ingredient of inspiration that makes those instruments so special and classifies Vlado Tilev as one of the best contemporary violin makers."

Concertmaster of  the Hamburg Philharmonic State Orchestra

Daniel Bell

"I'm now the proud owner of Vlado Tilev's copy of the ex-Ysaye Guarneri del Gesu. It's a superb violin with a deep sound, strong projection, excellent playability, and attractive appearance. It's without doubt one of the best modern violins I have ever played!"

First concertmaster of the Essener Philharmoniker and first violinist of the Mannheimer Streichquartett

Dragos Manza

"My new violin by Mr. Tilev is a true revelation! It manages to combine the sweetness of tone of a Gagliano, the brilliancy of a Guadagnini, and the intensity and character of a del Gesù in one instrument. I couldn't be more happy with the violin and I'm enjoying every minute of playing. Thank you!"

First concertmaster of Düsseldorf Symphony Orchestra

Christo Kasmetski

Principal 2nd Violin of  the State Theatre at Gärtnerplatz

"A new violin that could disguise itself as an old Italian one through its deep, warm sound and excellent projection. This is the best way to describe Vlado Tilev's violins with only a few words."

Nikolai Mintchev

"Thanks to his perfectionism and attention to detail, Vlado Tilev’s musical instruments leave nothing to be desired, in terms of sounds and optics alike. The perfectly balanced, colourful sound is underpinned by brilliantly poignant highs and gorgeously dark and powerful lows. Add to this their sheer visual attractiveness, and one would hardly believe these are indeed new, modern instruments."

First concertmaster of Wuppertal Symphony Orchestra, Docent in Folkwang University of the Arts, Essen

Biliana Voutchkova

"I feel grateful to be playing a masterfully made instrument by Vlado Tilev. The beautiful timbre of this violin's young voice is guaranteeing a wonderful further development."

Soloist, multi-disciplinary artist, concertmaster of the Ensemble United Berlin

Dimitar Ivanov

"Some weeks ago, I fell in love with a violin made by Vlado Tilev. Apart from its optical beauty, its sound is extremely projective, colorful and rich and comes quite close to its model - the Guarneri del Gesù “ex Kreisler". It gives me all the qualities I need and I am very happy to discover all the capacities of my new instrument and grow together with it in soloistic, chamber music and orchestra environments."

Concertmaster of  the Frankfurt Opera

Dainis Medjaniks

"The Violin of Vlado Tilev has a wonderful quality of sound in any register, on any string and every note does sound very clear and brilliant. Playing the instrument feels super comfortable and I don’t need to work hard or fight while playing very difficult passages - the instrument does all by itself."

Concertmaster of Osnabrücker Sinfonieorchester

Vesko Eschkenazy

"I know Vlado Tilev as a maker of world class instruments. Each one of them has a different character within its own colours. The sound is profound, deep and yet shining. His instruments always reach to one's soul."

First concertmaster of  the Royal Concertgebouw, Amsterdam
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